Saturn Jayanthi

2 June 2019

Today is the New Moon. No class. This is also celebrated as Saturn Jayanthi here in North America, a celebration of Lord Saturn, Śanideva, the Lord of Destiny and Discipline.

Śani is much feared because he may decide whether we rise high—or fall hard. He can be ruthless and relentless, especially if we hear not his fainter calls. Yet he also shows us where we need to grow, change, shift and shake so that we fulfill our purpose. It’s said that he is pleased when we do what we were put on earth to do with concerted and humble efforts.

You can honor him by wearing black and/or tattered clothing; giving coins to those in need, particularly those who work with their hands; feeding black birds, like the ravens and the crows; or tossing black sesame seeds into a homa.

Om Sham Shanaye Namaha

*image c/o: Dinodia