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All You Are Going to Be…

“All you are going to be, you are already. What you are looking for is already within you. Embrace your sufferings, for through them you will reach me. And who shall I be in twenty years? In a hundred? In tens of thousands? Will my consciousness still need a body? For you, I do not yet exist. For me, you do not exist anymore. At the end of time, when all matter returns to its origin, you and I will have just been memories, nothing real. Something is dreaming us. Embrace the illusion.” -adult Jodorowsky to young Jodorowsky in La Danza de la Realidad


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Malin Bülow

The elastic, shared, contemplative bodies of Malin Bülow.

“Oslo-based artist Malin Bülow creates performative installations in which humans resist and submit to tension created by stretchy lycra suits. The monotone pieces have small openings at the stomach that allow participants to crawl in and easily conceal themselves, obscuring their features while highlighting their movements.

When affixed to buildings, the flexible fabric is manipulated and stretched during time-based performances, such as Bülow’s 2017 site-specific installation Firkanta elastisitet – Skulptur i spenn (Squared elasticity – Strained sculpture) with Store Salen at Kunstbanken, Hedmark Kunstsenter. For the installation, the artist covered the two entrances to the gallery with the suits, locking visitors inside for the full hour.

Other less claustrophobic installations have occurred outdoors, such as the 2017 iteration of the same performance at a former military building in Ski, outside of Oslo. In an alien-like performance that the artist describes as an “elastic sculpture” or “large-scale performative still life,” five dancers explore the tension of their tethers while attached to the structure.

Bülow hails from Switzerland and studied as a neurobiologist before receiving a Master’s degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Norway. You can see more of Bülow’s work on her website.” (via This is Colossal).