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Transcendent TV: the OA

Our pals Ashley & JC pushed us to The OA this past week, so we’ve been catching up. Beyond the tasty cinematic references, and compelling storytelling style, several pop California tropes emerge with resonance to our yoga practices. Here’s a few we found compelling (and often concurrently silly)—⁣

▵The idea that we live locked in the prison of our own mind, and that to #examine ourselves—our blindspots and preconceptions—involves work, struggle and perseverance.⁣

▵But there’s hope. The possibility to reach out and feel beyond our shackles, and experience something outside of ourselves (transcendence).⁣

▵Consciousness (and our identities and histories and memories) can move into other bodies.⁣

▵A diligent practice. A practice with many repetitions of a particular sequence of physical gestures (kinda looks like a fusion of Tai Chi with modern dance) with specific inhalations and exhalations tied to focus. So it’s easy to read as yoga.⁣

▵Through the practice of the five gestures, healing can occur.⁣

▵Specific methods (e.g., dreams, near-death experiences, and more) other worlds may be revealed or explored: “We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” —TS Eliot⁣

▵One promising thread, which sadly dwindles a bit in season 2  is that some of the practices need multiple humans to access energies beyond the individual self. Togetherness. Collectivity. Small groups.⁣

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