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I spent a good part of the last year lecturing on yoga and the nervous system, particularly the vagus nerve and autonomic nervous system. The Yogis used the nervous system to weaken the hold of avidya, and they said that kundalini rose through sushumna nadi, which is in the vagus; Darwin called the vagus the nerve of emotion, and was the earliest scientist to examine the heart-brain connection; and present day neurophysiologists have shown that the vagus nerve helps to control inflammation, lesson symptoms of anxiety and depression, and increase resiliency and immune system function. For the next year I won’t be lecturing on these topics, but I am very happy that @omstarsofficial recorded these lectures on the nervous system, and also on Sankhya, and they have made these videos available on their website. So, if you’d like to learn more about how the Yogis view the nervous system and more, please go to their website to check it out! If you have questions, let me know. ✌(photo with Wessel Paternotte of @delight.yoga at the #innerpeaceconference2017)