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How I Find Purpose

Finding, or feeling, what my purpose is something that I revisit on almost a daily basis. When I finish my morning meditation, I ask myself: Who am I? What is my purpose? What do I value in my life? How

The Raja of Heaven

Everyone who does Ashtanga Yoga has heard, at one time or another, Guruji’s famous refrain, “Take practice, all is coming”. The essential meaning behind it was that all of our questions will be answered from within when our mind gets

Life as Ritual, Ritual as Life

Photo by Robert Moses As Thanksgiving and the holiday season roll around, our minds naturally get ready for the ritual of festivals, and the joys and stresses that come along with them. The holidays make us stop for a moment,

The Importance of Lineage Part 2

Looking back from last week’s post on lineage, I realized that I have now been following Guruji’s teachings and participating in this lineage for 25 years, which is exactly half of my life. One of the most important experiences I

The Importance of Lineage

The practices of Yoga and meditation have been passed down from generation to generation for many thousands of years, and like many of the things we use in our lives, such as telephones, cars, stoves and bicycles, their form has

Is There Such a Thing As Pure Ashtanga Yoga?

This past month I did a short interview for Amrita Magazine in London. They asked me a question that I felt was an important one, because it hit upon a lot of the problems that all groups in the world

November Updates

Please find below some updates for the next month: 1. The Breathing App has had 12,000 downloads in our first ten days, thank you all for your support! Check it out here if you haven’t downloaded already. 2. Rio (Oct.

The Breathing App

Hello, Folks! I am very excited to announce that my first app, called The Breathing App, will be available on the iTunes App Store starting Thursday, October 5th. The app is based on resonance breathing, which is a specific frequency

Helping Houston

Hi, Folks, By now everyone has seen the extensive damage that Hurricane Harvey has brought to Texas and Louisiana. Let’s also not forget the massive rains in South East Asia. If you would like to support humanitarian and rescue work

Nectar, Nadis, & The Nervous System