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Why is the nervous system so important in yoga? It’s basically because it is the underlying mechanism that makes yoga “work”. The way we respond to the world around us, perceive situations, perceive our self, depend quite heavily on the balance of the different branches of our nervous system. It coordinates all of the activity of our 70-100 trillion strong cellular body with the external environment, it maintains and directs the activities of all of our internal organs, heartbeat, respiration, digestion, and also is responsible for modulating mood, emotion, expression of emotion, and ability to process trauma and life experience. A handstand is not important because it’s cool or fun (well, fun is actually important), it’s beneficial because of how it helps organize the activities of the nervous system. Same goes with any other posture. If we practice to strengthen the unseen networks within us, they become a part of our living experience, rather than a neglected, hidden mystery. All this and more on the science in yoga podcast from @ashtangadispatch from @pegmulqueen enjoy! Extended lectures on the same topic on @omstarsofficial Peace!