Month: June 2016

Happy Solstice Strawberry Moon Birthday, Kara!

Is it a coincidence that my incredibly awesome sister Kara’s 50th birthday happens to fall on a summer solstice Strawberry Moon, and she’s a redhead, and it’s the first Strawberry Moon since 1967, the year I was born on the

Anthony Kiedis had to interrupt Carpool Karaoke to save a baby’s life

If you haven’t watched any of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, here’s the perfect reason to start. Our personal favorites are Adele and Chris Martin… & RHCP, saving babies aside, is also pretty awesome. Full Story here

Muhammad Ali

Of all the articles I’ve read in the past few days about Muhammad Ali, this one was particularly moving.

Sitting Down With Sharath Jois

Here is a wonderful interview with R. Sharath Jois, by Leslie Hendry in LA Yoga Times. A little bit of inspiration before Sharath’s classes begin on June 11th!