Month: April 2014


Today’s painting by Keshav from his #Krishnafortoday series is particularly wonderful:

One Thing That Worked

Each week, we have our teachers from the Sonima Foundation send in a report of how their week of classes in the public schools have gone. They send in a write up of what worked, what didn’t, what problems they

Mythical Experience in Richmond City Jail

This is an amazing letter from Robert Smalls III, who is serving time in RCJ and has been participating in Robbie Norris’s Ashtanga Yoga program. The letter is verbatim in his own language, and a warning: the mythical experience relates

Response: William Broad, FAI.

I am several months delayed in posting this response to William Broad’s “Woman’s Flexibility Is a Liability (in Yoga)” [NYT, November 2nd, 2013], in which Broad, in his own slightly bizarre effort to make yoga a kinder, safer practice, warns

Peggy, Puggy, Puggles

Peggy Rice, whose favorite number was 19 (born on June 19th, 1919), passed away peacefully in her home on Wednesday, April 16th, 2014. I almost feel selfish to say that she was my grandmother, when she was so many things

Lakshmipuram, 1997

Russian Official to American Officials: Do Yoga

Sage advice from Deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov. While he’s at it, I’d like to add that we should also do yoga in schools, prisons, in the military, at Teacher’s Colleges, Med School and addiction treatment centers. Feel free to add to

And Now We Know Who Was In That Advanced ‘A’ Video…

Special big up to Christine Hoar of Bristol Yoga for providing the year, location and names of the students practicing in the third series video that was recently posted by Kristina Karitinou on YouTube (and in our last post here).