Month: March 2014

Guruji, 3rd Series, Circa 1980’s (?)

Thanks, Steve Confluence Cahn (yes, you just were christened with a spiritual name; Stevie Sanga for those in the know) for leading us to this fabulous piece of history – Guruji teaching led advanced A to Chuck Miller and 5 other people

The Mindful Congressman

Big up to Congressman Tim Ryan, who is hard at work building a mindful movement in America. Reaching across party lines, Congressman Ryan is working to bring mindful practices to veterans, Capital Hill, and recently had an appropriations bill passed


There is a very nice article in the New York Times today about wisdom and aging. In the ‘wisdom’ traditions – ancient India, Greece, Tibet, Native Americans etc – respect for the older and wiser was a given. Modern culture,

Gibberish With Perfect Accent

How Come No One Ever Wrote A Zen and the Art of Groundhog’s Day?

Farewell, Harold Ramis, comedy super-genius and philosopher of a generation. “Most people wrongly assume it’s the serious art that teaches us about the Real Meaning of Life — dark films, serious poetry, boring documentaries, heavy-handed religions. But I posit the