Month: September 2013

Robert Moses Heads to the Himalayas

Namarupa visionary (and one of my first yoga teachers in 1988) Robert Moses is preparing to make a small film about a village nestled in the Himalayas, their public school, and a program to train the kids (who run up

Yoga Testimony, The Day Before Prison Release

The below letter was written by a young woman named Ruth Tracey, who has just finished serving time in the Richmond City Prison for theft. She wrote this letter the day before she was released, and recounts her transformative experience

Tim Miller, on Planets, and in NYC

My old friend (yes, Tim, I am calling you old) will be teaching at The Shala Yoga House this weekend. The program looks awesome, I am greatly looking forward to seeing him and taking his classes! For all who have

Sunday Morning, Feet to Ears with Stacey B.

Louis CK on Cell Phones and Loneliness

At the risk of being repetitive, here is another Louis CK video, sent to me by Alan Katz. As with the last video, Louis CK pretty much nails it. I have to say it has been great being in India

Sharath and Shruti’s Grha Pravesha

Entering into a new home is one of the important sacraments in the Hindu tradition, and is often celebrated with extensive ritual and celebration. Indeed, a home is where a family will live and grow together, and go through joys,

Rosh Hoshana, Breakdancing and Parkour all in one

If I had one of these for the Ganesh Festival, I would post it too…

Awesome & Educational & … did I mention Awesome?

I can’t embed this awesomeness, you’ll just have to go here to see it. It is an updated, modernized, detail infused version of the Ray and Charles Eames film, The Powers of 10 – which is also awesome, and was

Ashtanga Yoga Confluence Pt 3 and Contemplative Alliance

The Ashtanga Yoga Confluence is back – this year from May 8th-11th, in San Diego. The past two years have been tremendously awesome, but I unfortunately had a date mix-up and cannot attend AYC3. The teachers who will be there